lovewithstands (lovewithstands) wrote in twistofcharisma,

Jeff as a heel (Could possibly be spoilers)

What do you think of Jeff's heel turn?> I just found out about tonight so I'm interesting in finding out what the people who actually saw it AND what they think about it.

Frankly I think it was kinda weird how they went about it, I can see Jeff turn heel weather he'll beable to pull it off,
I don't know but it was just weird having him as a part of "THEY" Being aligned with Aybss, I just don't see it.

What do you think?.

PS. Not about Jeff but his brother Matt, I was going through some articles cause i was bored and i read this one thing and saw Matt's video were he stats that he has DID. Is that for real or a work, To me it seems like it's a work why would he just throw it out like that, If it is a work that's kinda sad seeing as he goes on to say that he's honest with his fans, If it's a work then he's lying, That's not being honest to your fans.
What do you think about this?.
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